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        Product number:CP06

        Ps-plate, zinc oxide plate, water form platge could be used with this machine. With the advantage of reliable quality, easy adjustment and operation, this machine is one of the ideal equipment to be used for good quality quick printing.
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        ?Lateral feeding, paper moving stably, no-wrinkles, positioning more exactly.

        ?Has the function of feeding one sheet of paper as machine rotate two cycles.

        ?Double-spring grippers, suitable for large solid printing.

        ?Unique adjustment method, needn’t clean the blanket cylinders when doing vertical image adjustment, save your time.

        ?Unique plate cylinder on-off mechanism.

        ?Unique avoiding scratching and dirty device.

        ?Advanced NP device using 120° entirely ON/OFF method, each part could be installed easily And use gear to join, that makes the joint more convenient and reliable.

        ?NP device also can do the job of world and signature imprinting with resin plate.

        ?With NP device lateral and vertical perforating could be exactly performed.

        ?The 2nd color head equipmend, suitable for signature and double color imprinting, enlarge the using area of the machine. It could be moved according to change from single to double color and vice versa.

        ?Like main drive, the 2nd color heard are sirmly equipped with straight edge plate. Clamp with lateral and vertical micro-adjustment, can ensure the accuracy of the 2 color sets.

        ?With cast iron frames, rigid construction ensuring high impression pressure.

        ?Stainless steel water fountain roller, molleton dampening system, stepless adjusting volume of water supply.

        ?Convenient ink roller cleaning system makes ink change much quick.

        ?Roller-to-roller pull guide mechanism ensures procision image positi oning.

        ?Image position can be micro-adjusted during printing.

        ?Advanced feed paper and delivery problem detecting device.

        ?Static electricity eliminator be equipped.

        ?Powder spray device is included for anti-offset at high speed printing.

        ?Safety protection mantles to make sure of safety operation.

        ?Inverter controlled motor, PLC device.

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